Our workshops are directed to any type of person, such as individually, or even groups of companies, leaders, Teachers, Musicians, Salespersons...Anywhere where changes and better results are needed. We will help you reach your goals through coaching, NLP and assisted teaching with horses.

tallerThe horses will act as a mirror; through them we will see reflected our present feelings, therefore making us realize great personal awareness and understanding, which will in turn help us on our journey to our desired feeling. We will build the bridge to your personal desired goal.

Finding yourself in a natural environment with the energy that walking with the horses will release, (even though we also work with professionals who are trained jockeys who know how to ride horses and simplify communications between the horses and the pupils, who could be an experienced or inexperienced rider) will help you reach amazingresults.

It is also possible to organize meetings suited around you if required; it's just a simple call without obligation.