We join you on finding personal potential, using your own tools and skills to reach excellence.


coaching musicalDo you find it hard to fulfill your weekly studies? Do you know you could achieve more, but you aren't sure how to achieve these results? We will help you creating a personalized plan to become the best you can be.

Have you studied hard, but when presentation day arrives you become overshadowed with doubt, and nothing appears to have turned out right. Stage freight? Heart rate rises; you're not sure how to control this situation? We will guide you using simple techniques which will help you express yourself regardless of the situation you're in, which for example could be in an audition, acting, a contest, etc.

We can work in groups or individually, depending on your personal needs.


What vibes am I attracting in my life? Have you ever asked yourself this question? We are responsible for what we think and therefore the reality in which we are present.

coaching educativoOur society is changing, along with the needs of our children, teachers and parents. Coaching and PNL go hand in hand in present times, each year there are more teachers and professionals who join, using these tools to offer education in accordance to the 21st century. A methodology based on personal experience, a great experience at all times, where we will discover answers to any question or worry. Educational coaching offers you the possibility of moving forward in academic terms, improving results for your own personal needs. Working with values which fill such an important part in your life since you were a child, proceeding through emotional intelligence, to the systemic since we all belong to a system in which we are intertwined and therefore being responsible of everything we do.

We cooperate with private and public institutions, but overall we put you and your needs first. Enquire without obligation, and we will guide you towards what you are looking for.Short, average or long term aims



One of the oldest methods, every type of athlete is accompanied by a coach. Ranging from individual to group coaching, this is what this paragraph is aimed at. We follow you on your journey on improving performance, maximizing your results. An improved trust and concentration regarding your physical capacities in order to achieve short, average and long term results.

When talking about TEAMS we can improve relationships between players, coaches and directive forces. Managing emotions and bringing commitments of team players together. Discover STRENGTHS and AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT to help the team reach their goal.

Even in this area, horses play a big role. They recognize the leader you have within.